Khand Mangoes Farm was initiated by its founder Ghulam Mustafa Khand and according to his vision this fruit farm was developed about thirty years ago according to the scientific methods.

  • Welcome to Khand Mangoes website, it will give you complete picture of Mangoes grown in Multan and Muzffergraph Region. In the beginning of the farm, mangoes plants were acquired from well-known nurseries of South Punjab, Pakistan. Before Planting into the farm, these plants were tested against diseases and their mother trees were also tasted.

  • Apart from Mangoes growers we are also growing off season vegetables particularly Tomatoes. Wheat, Sugar Cane, Rice and Cotton. The farm has all the major varieties for which this region is popular. Farm has more than thousand trees. Another Farm is located at Tehsil Kot Addu, Eissenwala which was developed recently having more than two thousand trees with major varieties of Dasheri, Sindheri and Chaunsa.

  • We are also in Livestock business specially high breed Cattle and Goats which we sell on Eid-al-Adha.Our Mangoes from Multan are well known all over the world due to its taste and flavor. Most popular commercial varieties which includes: Desehri, Anwar Ratool, Langra, Chaunsa of all types, Sindhri and Fijri. Mangoes, production starts from end of June and finishes at early September.

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